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Do you know what companies like Apple, Google, Disney and Amazon have in common? All them started in a garage ... Our history starts in the same way: at the garage of our family house! Today we will tell you a little about how we began to do what we do and some lessons learned over 5 years of entrepreneurship in Panama.

For both of us, Javier and for me, Jose, our passion for creating was instilled by our parents from early childhood. Apart from teaching us to enjoy nature and play outside, they always encouraged us to create; Sometimes with LEGO and sometimes with the tools of our dad's toolbox.

Eventually we enter the world of sports, specifically in cayucos (canoes); This race is very traditional in Panama. In Cayuco there are many traditions and perhaps we were part of  the latest generations to learn to make their own rows and repair their boat. This was our introduction to the Woodworking world, we had some very "Old School" mentors who taught us basic principles of working with wood and how they influence the quality of your work. At the same time, The discipline acquired in this competitive sport taught us to work as a team and seek always doing things in the right way; to understand that the good does not reach fast and that you have to work hard every day to obtain it.

Jefh Woodshop Panama, wooden furniture design studio, fine babies

We were quickly discovering that apart from paddling, We really enjoyed creating with wood And we started doing some small projects for friends in our free time. We are both engineers and we work in the field for some time, so when we were not in college, we were paddling or in the garage making noise and dust.
 Jefh Woodshop Panama, wooden furniture design studio, fine babies Jefh Woodshop Panama, wooden furniture design studio, fine babies
 Jefh Woodshop Panama, wooden furniture design studio, fine babies
1. Appears for paintings Matt Tomlet (2014) - 2. Working in the house garage (2015) - 3. Frame for painting Gabe Wong (2014)

In the 2016, Javier returned from studying in the USA and almost at the same time, I finished a contract in the Panama Canal For the third set of locks. Seeing this, we decided that it was time to take another of our passions: Creating Together. This was where we made an investment in the main tools that were missing, we moved to the Anton Valley and formally started our company JEFHWoodshop.

Jefh Woodshop Panama, wooden furniture design studio, fine babies

Working in the valley was a unique experience: Not just the fresh, mountains and lifestyle but also the experience acquired in the initial stage of a start up:

  1. Start - the "perfect moment" is hard to find, sometimes you just have to start your business
  2. Constancy - Understand that everything takes time, nothing happens overnight and you have to analyze very sincerely if you are willing to put that effort without the assurance that a plan works
  3. Transform - be willing to adapt; Many times start something with a plan or idea and you realize that it does not work as you expected. This does not mean you should surrender, but it can be a good opportunity to change route and try something new.
Jefh Woodshop Panama, wooden furniture design studio, fine babies
Our workshop colleagues in the valley: Trout and Lulu

Two years later we made the decision to change operations to the city of Panama and arrive at our current place, an old building of the Canal area in Diablo. This complex was built in 1941 and was the old clubhouse; Over the years it became the famous 24 hours (If you liven in Panama, remember the sandwiches?). The space we rented needed a lot of work and spent the whole first month running power lines, cleaning excessively and taking garbage. This period was super interesting and emotional because we receive a lot of help from our family and friends; Even a day came all a baseball team of Messiah College that came to work with Rio Missions As volunteers, they did in 1 day what we had taken 2 weeks.

Jefh Woodshop Panama, wooden furniture design studio, fine babies
Team of Rio Misiones Panama. helping to condition the new place

Today, Jefh Woodshop have  almost 3 years in this new location and we have been adapting it according to our vision, we managed to create a separate space that works as Showroom and Office and we can receive people to talk about their projects and ideas. This space has become a small home and daily we will be willing to create different pieces and experiment with new techniques in the world of wood. Like all company, We continue writing our history Every day and we work with a vision where we want to arrive.


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Jefh Woodshop Panama, wooden furniture design studio, fine babies

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