Shipping policy

Any national shipment in the Republic of Panama will be carried out through three options:

1) The customer withdraws from Jeff Store Panama, Diablo Heights, Germany Street, Building 5051.

2) The client can use his own general messaging system and recognizes that it is his responsibility to coordinate with such services when choosing this option and assumes all responsibility once the product is collected in the facilities of Jeff Woodshop. Jefh Wood Shop is committed to facilitating the collection address.

3) Jefh Woodshop sends the product to the customer and assumes responsibility that it reaches the client in an entire manner, the client must provide a clear send address and telephone.


The times of purchased products purchased and mail-confirmed orders once paid in the Panama area, will not go from 3 to 10 business days, unless it is notified no later than 24 business hours that is not inventory.


The shipping times will agree to what each product indicates is the unique list of products, the client recognizes that Jeff Woodshop is a company that manufactures handmade products and may not have an inventory at the time, if this happens Jefh Wood Shop is committed To manufacture and send the product purchased by the client.


It is recognized that each piece is unique and every different detail, so the photos are examples close to each reality but each piece has its own changing features.


For international shipping, we use FedEx and adjust to your shipping and privacy policies.

Each international shipment must pay all customs expenditure and comply with the regulations of each country.